During a week on the Isle of Mull – in unfashionably superb sunny weather – whilst the rest of the country suffered a deluge, a trip to the Treshnish Isles, specifically Lunga, was in order ot take a look at Puffins. Now off the sea and busy making nests, it seemed like a good time to grab some images of these comical little birds.

Close enough to touch, you don’t need long lenses here…

It strikes you that these birds have no in-built fear of you, given that there are thousands of them on the cliff tops, wandering around, gathering, burrowing (in old rabbit holes primarily), and interacting with the other puffins.

Sociable and largely friendly with each other.

In fact their sociable antics and seemingly curious nature has all sorts of behavioural ‘shows’ for the photographer, including groups who seemed at times to be gathering around other┬ápairs of puffins to watch their courtships and communications.

Puffins seem inately curious about each other

More images can be found in the gallery here, unimaginatively titled Puffins.

Flying in and out, and generally keeping themselves very busy.