The Isle of Mull. April 2013. Spotted a mother and two cubs along the edge of a sea loch.Otters, Isle of Mull

I spent a while watching them without getting too close. Fortunately, I was down wind and below the skyline amongst the seaweed strewn rocks, so they either hadn’t sensed that I was there, or were unconcerned by my presence.

After a brief foray into the water, the mother climbed out onto the rocks (they had spent some time feeding a few minutes earlier), and her offspring played whilst she rested.

Mum chirps some instruction to her offspring just out of sight.
Mum, stretches and yawns a little..
Mum, stretches and yawns a little..
..before setling down.
..before setling down.
Whilst the cubs...
Whilst the cubs…
..carry on playing.
Otter cub.