A project to capture something a little bit British…

When asked if I’d take some photos of this event, held on the 10th and 11th August 2019, my imagination started to come up with all sorts of ideas of a Martin Parr-esque study of a microcosm of British life. What I found was something a bit more, and some great and affectionate stories that I’ve tried to capture here.

The event was organised by ‘South Cheshire Moggies’ with an open invite from any owner and enthusiast from around the country. Mainly aimed at members of the Morris Minor Owners Club.

Here’s an intro, some images, and some great little stories that bring a bit of life to the images!
Photos/videos and audio are by me, and some photos by my wife Joanne.


Gatherings like these bring enthusiasts together, who almost invariably have strong emotional connections with their own ‘pride and joy’. Often painstakingly and lovingly restored to original specification, or improved as a runabout on modern roads, to keep something from halcyon days for the owners…

Ron, with Emmerentiana
Karl with his 1954 WInner – Series II
Dean. He loves ’em
Reg, with ABV
Tony, with Mildred
Tony, with his Dove Grey car, not named Digby
Judy, with Simon
Dave, with his ex-army vehicle
Steve with Artie (the dog), and his van
Gillian, with ‘Lucky’
Gordon, ‘a few minor ‘changes to his fine Minor that he has had for 13 years
Mimi, her owners, and Magnum the dog
Dave, his wife and ‘Morris’
Tim, and his restored service van
Shaun and Woody (or Esmae)
Syd, Pat and Mojo
Terry and Molly, his Dad’s Morris Minor
John and his show winning covertible
Emily and Maisie
Alan, and Snowdrop
Tony, and Bea, and Bert the traveller
Maureen, Frank and 40 shades of green…
The owners of this classic ‘Mowwiss’. Good for 40mph!